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Norman Worrall (1938-2014) came late on to the music scene after doctoral studies in the USA and a successful career as an academic psychologist, mainly at London University.

He wrote music for over a dozen years, mainly for a combination of software instruments (as built into Logic Pro) and acoustic instruments (as available from various orchestral sample libraries). Recently he was composing chamber pieces for live performance and had just completed a work for harp and strings which builds on the music of Benjamin Britten.

Norman had also been pursuing image and sound design in film projects for several years. The first result was Imagined Planets. The most recent is Becoming Emily, an 80-minute portrait of the nineteenth-century American poet Emily Dickinson, for which he also wrote the music.

He created over 20 soundscapes for various science-based projects and events, including Science Festivals in Cambridge, Cheltenham and Aberdeen.

Norman Worrall Compositions

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Norman Worrall

NW at the EDF Arena
mixing desk, Cheltenham Science Festival, June 2012