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Mobile Phone Ring Tones

Phones on KeyboardIn early 2001 Jean Hasse began writing melodies for the mobile phone, treating it as a kind of musical instrument. Composing in the traditional way with pencil/paper and then transferring the melodies to the computer, she works within the range of technical constraints as set by the "instrument". Her first set of ring tones were distributed by the Internet company iobox, where customers downloaded the music to their phones. It began as a Valentine’s Day promotion and grew to a collection of over 30 titles. Other Internet companies began taking a number of pieces onto their sites. Norman Worrall also composed melodies that Hasse arranged for mobile phones.

Hasse's original music attracted considerable media coverage. Her most ambitious mobile phone project was a 3-minute miniature suite written for ten mobile phones, "Can you hear me?", commissioned by iobox. Performed by students from London’s Royal Academy of Music, the first half of the piece was broadcast in April 2002 on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme.

New Commissions
Companies can extend their corporate identity to having a logo-type ring tone for staff mobile phones and/or the company's website. Advertising themes for radio and television can also be composed, which can additionally be linked to a ring tone.
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Send a ring tone to your phone, world-wide

To purchase a Visible Music Unique Ring Tone and download to your phone, visit the special VM web page of the mobile media company, Mobtastic:
VM Ringtones

Some of the titles available include the following (click on Play to hear a sample):

Desert Sun Play

Loving You Play

Spice Play

Wiggle Play

Without You Play

For more information, please email via the contact page.