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kinkh: VM-CD101
Music by Jean Hasse

Jean Hasse, piano and flute; JAME Percussion Ensemble
Released August 1999

1 kinkh

2 Silk Water
piano left hand

3 Pulling
multiple flutes

Four Bits for Piano
4 Purple Blues
5 You're Like a Sunny Day
6 Moment X
7 The Fantastic Vacation

8 Tremolo Piece
multiple pianos

9 After Earle
percussion ensemble

Pocket Pieces for piano (selected)

10 Bow Bells
11 Wait Here
12 Indian Summer
13 Cucumber with Jam
14 Green Peas
15 Back Creek
16 Maybe
17 End Credits
18 Little Pond
19 Walk Up One, Walk Down Two
20 Across the room
21 Hawk
22 Ptang
23 Random Thought
24 Tired Eyes
25 At the end of the day...
26 My Time
27 Fairy Diddle
28 Tip Top Towing
29 Never Fail Fudge
30 As seen from the sky
31 Little Pine
32 ...spider webs...
33 Two small chairs
34 One month today
35 You said you would call
36 Central Park West
37 Another NPR Tune
38 No thru rd
39 Advancing Issues Led Declines
40 Scrambled Eggs on Butter
41 The Book of Bees
42 Bad Night
43 Tanec (Czech dance)
44 Under the Umbrella
45 Edge

Total duration: 70 minutes

Sample audio tracks:

kinkh Listen to audio

Silk Water Listen to audio

Pulling Listen to audio

Four Bits for Piano
- Purple Blues Listen to audio
- You're Like a Sunny Day Listen to audio
- Moment X Listen to audio
- The Fantastic Vacation Listen to audio

Tremolo Piece Listen to audio

After Earle Listen to audio

Indian Summer Listen to audio

No thru rd Listen to audio

Never Fail Fudge Listen to audio

Edge Listen to audio


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