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Jean Hasse - Vocal / Choral


Captions (1998) (5:00)  
tenor and piano  
Text: Paul S Byard, from The Architecture of Additions (Engl.)
Premiere: 29 October 1998, MacDowell Colony, Peterborough NH
Paul Byard / Jean Hasse

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Five Poems from the Japanese (1991) (10:00)>View score  
mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano  
I. When
II. I should not have waited
III. Swifter than hail
IV. Is it your command
V. The cricket cries

Text: Japanese poets from 9thC, 11thC, 12thC, 20thC,
translated by Kenneth Rexroth (Engl.)

Premiere: 31 October 1991, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge MA
Soli Espri Trio

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Four Poems from the Japanese (1998) (5:00) >
She said; The cricket cries; When; In the dusk
unaccompanied chorus
Text: Japanese poets from 9thC, 10thC, 12thC, translated by Kenneth Rexroth (Engl.)
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The French Lesson (Les Garcons de Bromley) (2003) (2:30)  
treble choir and piano
Text: Jean Hasse
Premiere: 24-27 April 2003, Second International Children’s Choral Festival
of Sainte Baume, Provence, France
Bromley Boy Singers, Richard Apsley, conductor, Cameron Burns, piano

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What do I want for Christmas? (2002) (3:10)>Listen to audio >View score View score View score>More CD info  
treble choir and piano (or harp)
Text: Jean Hasse
Premiere: 31 December 2002, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London
Bromley Boy Singers, Richard Apsley, conductor, Anna Wynne, harp

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