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Jean Hasse - Pocket Pieces (Books I, II and III)

The Pocket Pieces are in print and available for purchase.
Arranged into three books (61 pieces total) they are intended for pianists of all ages.
Their various styles come from a mixture of traditions such as classical, jazz, atonal, free improvisations and beyond. There is variety and focus, with each short and concentrated piece having its own ‘personality’. Most of the music was composed at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire during two residencies at the artists' retreat.

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Book I:

Back Creek
Wait Here  
Bow Bells
Indian Summer
End Credits
Walk Up One, Walk Down Two
Big Fish
Green Peas
Little Pond  
Tired Eyes
Cucumber with jam
My Time  
Right! (R.H.)
Little Pine
Across the room
Come Back
Random Thought
At the end of the day…
Echoes on the Water
Txt msg
Morsel (L.H.)
Two small chairs

Book II:
Tell me
So much to do
Sideways walking dog (R.H.)  
As seen from the sky
Any old iron
Love song
Piano birthday
The Book of Bees (R.H.)
minna minna
Advancing Issues Led Declines
It won’t be a moment
Scrambled Eggs on Butter
All the time in the world
Fairy Diddle (R.H.)
Never Fail Fudge
You said you would call
One Month Today
Move Along
Central Park West
Another NPR Tune
Philadelphia Scrapple Dance

Book III:
No thru rd
Bad Night
Space Pod
Sitting Around
Sylvan Curls
What am I doing?
Tip Top Towing
Under the Umbrella (L.H.)


Sample audio tracks:

Indian Summer Listen to audio

No thru rd Listen to audio

Never Fail Fudge Listen to audio

Edge Listen to audio

Sample score pages:

Little Pine (Bk I) View score

Never Fail Fudge (Bk II) View score

One Month Today (Bk II) View score

Wobble (Bk III) View score

Pocket Pieces Book 1

Pocket Pieces Book 2

Pocket Pieces Book 3

Covers designed by artist
Vera Boele-Keimer