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Jean Hasse - Piano

Four Bits for Piano (1986-87) (11:00) >More CD info  
I. Purple Blues Listen to audio>View score
II. You're Like a Sunny Day (w/voice) Listen to audio>View score
III. Moment X Listen to audio>View score
IV. The Fantastic Vacation Listen to audio>View score
Premiere: 6 November 1987, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge MA
Jean Hasse / Herschel Garfein (voice)

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Kangaroos 2 (Kanga+Roo) for two pianos (2014) (1:30)>>Listen to audio>View scorefor>  
Premiere: 7 September 2014, St George's Concert Hall, Bristol
Steven Kings and Paul Israel, pianos

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kinkh (1985) (3:45)>More CD info>Listen to audio>View score>  
Premiere: 13 December 1985, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT / Jean Hasse
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Pocket Pieces (1998-2005) (ca.60:00) > More CD info
61 piano pieces in three volumes  
Indian Summer Listen to audio>
Little Pond Listen to audio>
Never Fail Fudge Listen to audio>View score
Edge Listen to audio>
Remember Listen to audio>View score
Sitting Around Listen to audio>View score
Premiere of 16 pieces: 29 October 1998, MacDowell Colony, Peterborough NH
Jean Hasse

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Silk Water (1992) (6:15)>>More CD info>Listen to audio>View score  
piano left hand  
Premiere: 12 October 1992, New England Conservatory, Boston MA / Leon Fleisher
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Sixths (1999) (4:00)>View score  
Premiere: 4 August 1999, Astor Theatre, Deal, Kent, England / Stephen Gutman
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Tremolo Piece (1985) (ca. 5:30)>More CD info>Listen to audio >
Piano and digital delay system or two pianos or any number of pianos
Premiere: 13 December 1985, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT / Jean Hasse

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Upon opening the door... (2010) (1:15)>  
Premiere: 23 June 2010, Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol / Jean Hasse
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press quotes

Four Bits for Piano
"Impressionistic and jazzy,
the work recalls the past but introduces new harmonies
and rhythms."
- The Hartford Courant,
December 1987

"It is bone dry, full of interesting detail, inviting personal involvement. I really love it."
- Piano, March/April 1998

Pocket Pieces
"Hasse's superb compositional flair will reward those who explore these rich musical treasures."
- American Music Teacher, April/May 2010

“Small, thoughtful piano pieces of often Satie-esque melancholy.”
- Village Voice, New York,
29 May 2001

Silk Water
"A ruminative work of chords and clusters with a Messiaenic spiritual aura."
- The Boston Globe, Oct 1992

"The six-minute work
is every bit as evocative as the title indicates. And Leon Fleisher brought rapturous intensity to the slowly evolving chordal writing."
- San Francisco Examiner, March 1993

Tremolo Piece
"a wash of shimmering surface textures"
- The Boston Globe, Feb 1988

"Engaging to the ear ...
(it) builds up harmonies slowly in an unchanging but ever-richer texture."
- BBC Music Magazine,
March 2000

Jean + Leon
Jean + Leon Fleisher, Feb 2009