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Jean Hasse - Chamber Ensembles / Solo Instruments

Are you sitting down? Are you facing a door? (1992) (10:00) >  
two trombones (with optional reverb)  
Premiere: 25 June 1992, Longy School of Music, Cambridge
Mark Hetzler / John Faeta

JHVM 140 order

Collections Considered (2006) (3:00) >View score  
Premiere: 7 June 2006, British Museum, Enlightenment Gallery
Peter Sheppard Skaerved

JHVM 151 order
more info here

Five Poems from the Japanese (1991) (10:00)>View score>  
mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano
Text: Japanese poets from 9thC, 11thC, 12thC, 20thC,
translated by Kenneth Rexroth (Engl.)

Premiere: 31 October 1991, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge MA
Soli Espri Trio

VM 07 order

Flip (2006) (4:00) >Listen to audio>View score>View score
saxophone quartet (SATB) and strings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Premiere: 7 March 2006, St George’s Concert Hall, Bristol
Apollo Saxophone Quartet, Goldberg Ensemble / Malcolm Layfield, cond.

JHVM 141 order

Her dream, His shadow (1988) (8:00)  
two alto saxophones and two trumpets

Premiere: 17 November 1988, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT
Real Art Ways performers

JHVM 142 order

Ich bin, du bist (1997) (10:30)> Listen to audio>View score >
string quartet
Premiere: 26 May 1997, Brno Conservatory, Czech Republic
Wallinger Quartet

JHVM 143 order

Moths - for a few hundred whistlers (1986) (ca. 11:00)>Listen to audio >
audience with conductor (ca.8:00 practice; ca.3:00 performance)
Premiere: 24 July 1986, Sanders Theater, Cambridge MA
Composers in Red Sneakers audience / Jean Hasse

JHVM 105 order

Never Fail Fudge (1998) (1:20) >
saxophone quartet
JHVM 144 order

New music doesn't grow on trees (1985) (6:30) >
two electric guitars and digital delay system
Premiere: 13 December 1985, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT
Sue Burkhardt / Ken Parille

JHVM 145 order

Next Dance (1999) (3:00)>Listen to audio> View score>More CD info >
piano quartet or two violins, cello, piano
Premiere: 16 June 1999, Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford on Avon, England
Wiltshire Schools students

JHVM 146 order

"Oh" (1986, rev.1995) (0:14) >
five players (winds and/or strings plus piano)
Premiere: 30 July 1987, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge MA
Composers in Red Sneakers
Premiere (revised version): 23 September 1998, St Nazaire, France
Festival Consonance performers

JHVM 147A (winds and/or stgs, pno) order
JHVM 147B (stg qt, pno) order

Pulling (1985) (9:15)> Listen to audio>View score>More CD info >
four flutes or as many flutes as possible
Premiere: 13 December 1985, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT
Jean Hasse, flutes (some pre-recorded)

VM 05 order

Start the Week (2003) (2:30)> Listen to audio>More CD info >
flute, clarinet, soprano sax, trombone, piano, electric bass, drums

JHVM 148 order

Then again (2000) (10:00)>View score> >
strings and percussion
Premiere: 29 May 2000, Holyrood Hall, Chard, Somerset, England
Solid Strings / Jean Hasse, cond.
Commissioned by Chard Festival of Women in Music

JHVM 149 order

Tuning (1989, rev.1998) (10:00) >
flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano ('piano tuner')
Premiere: 12 October 1989, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge MA
Composers in Red Sneakers players / Jean Hasse, cond.
Premiere (revised version): 26 September 1998, St Nazaire, France, Festival Consonance
Philippa Davies / Michael Collins / Philipe Graffin / Gary Hoffman / Frédéric Chiu / Jean Hasse, cond.

JHVM 150 order

Jean Hasse Compositions

- Amateur ensembles /
- Graphic scores

- Brass ensembles

- Chamber ensembles /
- Solo instruments

- Percussion solo and

- Piano

- Vocal / Choral

press quotes

Next Dance
"A gently syncopated movement of graceful melody that grows to a punchy coda.", Spring 2001, review of
The White Room CD

"...a work transcribed
from a live recording of
a quasi-improvised,
quasi-composed piece originally conceived for flute and tape. It's dreamy and new age with soothing melodic snippets grounded by a low D pedal tone."
- The Boston Globe,
March 1990

"Pulling is an innovative textural work designed for at least four flutes ... the effect is rather like that of a strong, constant wind blowing through tall reeds."
- International Record Review, June 2000

Moths - for a few hundred whistlers
"Hasse possesses a
witty sonic imagination.
With audience participation, her 1986 Moths amplifies different pitches and rhythms
of many puckered lips making music. The effect is stunning."
- The Hartford Courant, December 1987

"In particular, Moths captivated the audience. Jean Hasse showed them how to read the score for the music, and after a few quick lessons,
the children followed the composer's hands very well... She could not have asked for a more accommodating group,
as the children, lips dramatically puckered, whistled according to the conductor's directions, creating a piece with an evocative if not spooky sound. Pleased with themselves, the children broke into thunderous applause at the conclusion."
- The Berkshire Eagle,
July 1995, after a Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra family concert