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Jean Hasse - Brass Ensembles

ABCD (1998) (2:30) >View score  
4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba  
Premiere: 20 March 1998, Royal College of Music, London
London Brass / RCM students / David Purser

JHVM 130 order

Are you sitting down? Are you facing a door? (1992) (10:00)  
two trombones (with optional reverb)
Premiere: 25 June 1992, Longy School of Music, Cambridge MA
Mark Hetzler / John Faeta

JHVM 131 order

Boston Common Brass (1987) (4:30) >
eight trumpets
Premiere: 15 April 1987, Sanders Theatre, Cambridge MA
Boston area players / Herschel Garfein

JHVM 01 order

By the way... (1989) (2:00)>View score  
four trumpets or two trumpets, horn and trombone or two trumpets and two trombones
Premiere: 28 May 1989, Oberlin College, Oberlin OH
Oberlin College players / John Knight

VM 03A four trumpets order
VM 03B two trumpets, horn and trombone order
VM 03C two trumpets and two trombones order

Reflecting Dreams (1993) (6:00)>Listen to audio  
50 brass: 18 trpts, 12 hns, 12 trbns, 8 tu  
Premiere: 3 August 1993, Tanglewood Music Center, Lenox MA
TMC and BUTI players / Charles Schlueter
VM 06 set (score and parts) order
VM 06A score only order

Tower Piece (1987) (4:30) >View score >
four trumpets and four trombones  
Premiere: 3 July 1987, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute players / Boyde Hood

VM 02 order

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press quotes

Boston Common Brass
"a very colorful composition..
an excellent 20th century work employing several innovative compositional techniques that are thought-provoking, effective, fun to play,
and fairly simple to produce."

- ITG Journal, May 1989

Alternating semi-aleatory "free" sections with completely notated ones, and climaxing toward the end of its five-minute span in "erratic bursts" of sonic fireworks, the work is both attractive and powerful.
- I.S.A.M. Newsletter, Brooklyn College,
May 1988

Tower Piece
"Of the four fanfares,
the most interesting turned out to be
a peppery series of contrapuntal flourishes
by Jean Hasse."
- Los Angeles Times, July 1987