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Composers > Jean Hasse > Amateur ensembles / Graphic Scores

Jean Hasse - Audience / Graphic Scores / Audience pieces

These pieces use simple traditional notation and/or graphic notation.
Written for students as well as workshops with non-musicians or amateurs.
Some works involve audience participation.
Note: Programme notes and performance instructions are available for all the pieces.
Please contact VM for performing scores and further information.

After Earle (1985) (ca. 3:00) >Listen to audio View score More CD info  
percussion (2 or more players)  
Premiere: 13 Dec. 1985, Hartford CT
Real Art Ways performers

JHVM 101 order

Draw (1998) (1:20) View score  
string quartet
Students/children hear the piece, played by a string quartet, then "draw" the sound
as they listen again

JHVM 102 order

Frantic Fanfare (2003) (ca.2:30) View score  
mixed ensemble
JHVM 103 order

Leaning (1998) (2:10) Listen to audio View score View score  
mixed ensemble  
Premiere: 19 July 1998, Oddfellow's House, Portsmouth, England
Portsmouth New Music Orchestra workshop / Jean Hasse

JHVM 104 order

Moths - for a few hundred whistlers (1986) (ca. 11:00)>Listen to audio View score  
audience with conductor (ca.7:00 practice, ca. 3:00 performance)
Premiere: 24 July 1986, Sanders Theater, Cambridge MA

Composers in Red Sneakers audience / Jean Hasse

JHVM 105 order

Next Dance (1999) (3:00)>More CD info>Listen to audio>View score> >
piano quartet or two violins, cello, piano
Premiere: 16 June 1999, Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford on Avon, England
Wiltshire Schools students

JHVM 146 order

Pebbling (2001) (ca.5:00-8:00)  
percussion (audience clicking/rubbing pebbles, with conductor)  
Premiere: 15 April 2001, Samphire Hoe, Dover Cliffs, Dover, England
Easter Weekend Festival audience / Jean Hasse

Two Songs from the Japanese (1998) (3:00)  
Swifter than hail; When
chorus and piano; chorus

Text: Japanese poets from 9thC, 20thC, translated by Kenneth Rexroth (Engl.)
Premiere: 11 July 1998, St George's in the East, London
COMA Voices / Dominic McGonigal

JHVM 106 order

t.b.a. (1998) (1:00)
mixed ensemble
Premiere: 19 July 1998, Oddfellow's House, Portsmouth, England
Portsmouth New Music Orchestra workshop / Jean Hasse

JHVM 107 order

Jean Hasse Compositions

- Amateur ensembles /
- Graphic scores

- Brass ensembles

- Chamber ensembles /
- Solo instruments

- Percussion solo and

- Piano

- Vocal / Choral

press quotes

“Hasse possesses a
witty sonic imagination. With audience participation, her 1986 Moths amplifies different pitches and rhythms of many puckered lips making music.
The effect is stunning.”
- The Hartford Courant,
December 1987

“a lovely piece for reverbed and echoed flutes”
- Village Voice, NY,
29 May 2001

Next Dance
"A gently syncopated movement of graceful melody that grows to a punchy coda.", Spring 2001, review of
The White Room CD

"It is hardly surprising that Hasse writes so well for young people having heard her collection of Pocket Pieces for piano recorded on the CD kinkh."
- Women in Music Now, Aug/Sept 2001