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Faust video excerpts

Music by Jean Hasse

The following excerpts from F.W. Murnau's silent film, Faust, were synched with a recording from the premiere of the music score, performed by amateurs in Bristol in October 2007.

Excerpt 1
Faust attempts to create a cure for the Plague.
Excerpt 2
The village crowd believe Faust is "in league with the devil", he then tries to take his own life, before being stopped by the devil.
Faust Excerpt 1
click to view (2:08)

Faust Excerpt 2
click to view (3:04)

Excerpt 3
The devil mixes a potion which is impulsively drunk by Aunt Marthe, who immediately becomes infatuated with him.

Excerpt 4
Gretchen has fallen in love with Faust. He and the devil are seen outside her room, before he attempts to go inside.
Faust Excerpt 3
click to view (2:16)
Faust Excerpt 4
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Excerpt 5
Faust witnesses the building of the funeral pyre and Gretchen's march to the fire. Meanwhile, the devil grants him release from "cursed youth" and he becomes old again.

Faust Excerpt 5
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