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Becoming Emily (DVD) (2010)

A portrait of Emily Dickinson through her poems and letters

The complete DVD of BECOMING EMILY includes some forty poems and thirty letter extracts. A detailed 8-page booklet is included with the DVD.

RUNNING TIME 1 hour 20 minutes

Emily Dickinson’s stature as a major poet has taken many years to emerge. This film imagines Dickinson’s thoughts in 1885, the year before her death, as she turns through a family album and re-encounters significant persons and events in her life.

The forty or so poems included here, some well known, some less so, lay out the poet’s views on nature and religion, love and death, as well as showing, typically in startling colors, her deepest passions, joys and fears.

Through the medium of some thirty letter extracts, we meet her family, particularly Edward her father, together with friends such as Susan Dickinson, Charles Wadsworth and Sam Bowles, with larger treatment given to the major figure in her final years, Judge Otis Lord.

Significant events, again dealt with chiefly through letters, include the brief and not too happy spell at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, the correspondence with Higginson and his eventual visit, her eye problems including the visit to Boston, and the loss of her beloved Carlo. In the final scenes, we see the illness and fainting attack which signaled her own approaching end.

Emily Dickinson is played by Nicola Howard

Co-directed by Norman Worrall and Marcus Korhonen

Shot on location in Kent, England


I reckon - when I count at all
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Out of sight? What of that?
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I stepped from Plank to Plank
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A portrait of Emily Dickinson
through her poems and letters

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The Becoming Emily DVD is available for purchase via (PAL version, Europe, Africa, India, Australia, and other countries) (NTSC version, N.America, S.America, Japan and other countries). (currently available for sale only on

For more information, please contact us: EDfilm(at)

Becoming Emily DVD

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