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Visible Music

Science Festivals

Visible Music soundscapes have been heard at numerous festivals, lectures, accompanying photography exhibits and in videos/films.

Some soundscapes consist entirely of sound effects, others are entirely instrumental. However, most pieces are a blend of the two, with melodic material often being generated from original sound effects.

Please contact Visible Music to hear complete soundscapes or for additional information.

A few selected Science events:

BRITISH SCIENCE ASSOCIATION Annual Festival, Aberdeen (4-9 Sept 2012)
Soundscapes to provide the setting for keynote presentations given by
Brian Cox, Bill Bryson and others
Link to website

Univ of Cambridge (March 2012)

1. Volcanoes: beauty and menace, photographic exhibition:
soundscape music, 25-min, played to accompany the exhibit;
2. Eruptions that shook the world, lecture by Dr Clive Oppenheimer:
5-min soundscape played immediately before the lecture. Listen to audio
Listen to excerpt

ROBOTICS EVENT Science City Bristol (March 2012)
Soundscape music, 8-min, played before main speaking events at
Bristol and Bath Science Park, Bristol

Exhibit, University of Bristol (Nov 2011)

Soundscape music (ambient, background), 24-min looped,
for a photographic exhibition, Univ of Bristol, Medical Sciences Building

Listen to audioListen to excerpt

CHELTENHAM SCIENCE FESTIVAL (June 2012) showcased 26 soundscapes composed by Visible Music. Heard before 30 lectures/presentations, they were designed to create an ambience appropriate both to the lecture topics and to audiences which often included children.

Tues 12 June
Does the sun cause climate change? (7:33) Pillar Room
Dark Matters (4:10)  EDF Listen to audiolisten to excerpt
The re:generative power of sleep (6:45) EDF
Can robots think? (3:18) Pillar Room Listen to audiolisten

Wed 13 June
Wind Power: The Great Debate (7:40) Winton Crucible Listen to audiolisten
An Iceberg as big as Manhattan (5:00) Winton Listen to audiolisten
Vivienne Westwood: Tomorrow is too late (6:50) EDF

Thurs 14 June
Organ regeneration (3:40)  Experitent Listen to audiolisten
Formula One (5:40)  EDF Listen to audiolisten
Zombie Science (6:55) Winton
The Ecosystems Revolution (7:25)  Experitent
Hunt for Higgs Boson (8:15)  EDF Listen to audiolisten

Fri 15 June
Up, Up and Away (5:40)  Parabola Listen to audiolisten
Playing God (7:50)  Parabola
Alien hunters (6:00)  EDF
Love and Betrayal (7:25) Pillar Room Listen to audiolisten
Science of honey (6:10)  Winton Listen to audiolisten

Sat 16 June
Dinosaur (6:55)  Playhouse Listen to audiolisten
Fly like a bird (6:10)  Winton
Sweet dreams (4:15)  Pillar Room Listen to audiolisten
Generation space: Satellites (6:55)  Pillar Room Listen to audiolisten
Generation space: Humans in space (6:55)  Winton
Space: 3D (5:55) Winton

Sun 17 June
Generation space: Can we reach the stars? (6:30)  Experitent Listen to audiolisten
Learn to live in the moment (6:15)  EDF Listen to audiolisten
My tourist guide to the solar system  Winton
Why are we scared of bugs? (7:50)  Winton
A glimpse of Greenland (7:33)  Winton
Paradox: the nine enigmas (5:55)  EDF Listen to audiolisten
What happens when you pray? (4:05)  EDF




Eruptions lecture,
2012 Cambridge Science Festival

The Art of Science, a creative arts competition for research scientists at the University of Bristol

Robots playing sports

EDF Energy Arena,
2012 Cheltenham Science Festival

Parabola Arts Centre,Cheltenham,
15 June, before Up, Up and Away
(children/family event)

gardens Cheltenham Science Festival
tents and gardens